The Benefits of Choosing a Small Design Firm

Choosing a large design firm will cost you more, and often results in a sub-par experience. Consider the benefits that smaller web design firms can offer!


Think about the last time you had an issue and had to call someone for support. Did you know the person you spoke to? Probably not. This meant that you had to explain who you are, provide some credentials, and then explain the issue in detail. If the issue wasn’t fixed in that one call you then had to call again and repeat the entire process. How frustrating! What if you knew the person when you called for support, and what if that person knew you and was already familiar with your project? Wouldn’t that experience be a more satisfying use of your time?

Lower Cost

Your project will cost less if you use a firm that has a lower operating costs and less overhead. Larger firms will spend thousands of dollars on hiring employees, leasing an office, expenses, and marketing campaigns. Those costs are passed on to customers in the form of higher prices. I work from a small home office and  rely on personal recommendations and work of mouth to get new business. This allows me to keep my pricing surprisingly low!

Individualized Solutions

Large companies rely on volume to make a profit. Volume in the web design world means a push to complete projects as soon as possible.  This can lead to cookie cutter designs, coding shortcuts, and failure to spend the time needed to understand the customer needs and objectives.  I work on one project at a time and focus only on your goals and needs. The result is more personalized attention for you and your project.

Higher Quality

More focus on your business and your needs will result in a better finished product. People want personalized service because they know it will deliver a better outcome and experience. why should your website be any different?

The benefits are obvious, give me a call and let’s start working on your project!

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About My Work

I will help you define a comprehensive end-to-end strategy that will achieve your online business objectives. Most consultants and design houses focus in a specific area and do not offer a comprehensive, integrated approach. I offer a broad range of experience and consulting services that can benefit your project from start to finish, or anywhere in between.

Whether you are optimizing, overhauling or developing new Web strategies, Contact me to discuss your specific needs.

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